VRSI History

Vitreo Retina Society of India (VRSI) was founded in the year 1992, by a small group of 20 Vitreo-Retina specialists under the presidentship of Dr. TN Ursekar and Dr. Rumi P Jahangir as the 1st Hon. Secretary. Over the next 25 years, this exclusive group has expanded to over 300 Vitreo-Retina specialists (needs to be corrected) with over 90% of India’s actively practicing Vitreo-Retina specialists being its life members. A majority of the members actively participate in the annual conference.

Presidents and Secretaries

Following is the list of Presidents and Honorable Secretaries from the inception of the Society.

Year President Secretary
1991 – 1995 Dr. TN Ursekar Dr. RP Jehangir
1995 – 1997 Dr. BT Maskati Dr. Kanti V Mody
1997 – 1999 Dr. Namperumalsamy Dr. TP Das
1999 – 2001 Dr. Bijayanand Patnaik Dr. S Natarajan
2001 – 2003 Dr. Amod Gupta Dr. Cyrus Shroff
2003 – 2005 Dr. Rajvardhan Azad Dr. Gopal Lal Verma
2005 – 2006 Dr. TP Das Dr. Gopal Lal Verma
2006 – 2008 Dr. S. Natarajan Dr. Ajit Babu Majji
2008 – 2010 Dr. Cyrus Shroff Dr. Ajit Babu Majji
2010 – 2012 Dr. Gopal Lal Verma Dr. A. Giridhar
2012 – 2014 Dr. Mangat R Dogra Dr. A. Giridhar
2014 – 2016 Dr. Ajit Babu Majji Dr. Vishali Gupta
2016 – 2018 Dr. A. Giridhar Dr. Raja Narayanan