VRSI National Webinars – Independence Day Special!

VRSI National Webinars - Independence Day Special!

Resurgeries - My Approach and Surgical Strategies

Dr. Steve Charles

RPE - Choroidal Transplants for CNVMs

Dr.Subhendu Kumar Boral

Retinal Grafts for Refractory Macular Holes

Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi

Managing Retinal Detachments with Staphyloma breaks

Dr.Sangeet SM

Giant Retinal Tears - Taking them down

Dr.Vishal Agrawal

Hard Tackles - IOFB Evacuations

Dr.Saravanan V R

Iconic Challenging Cases: Lessons learnt over the years

Dr.Amod Gupta

Atypical Presentations of Diabetic Retinopathy

Dr.Dhananjay Shukla DS

Atypical Presentations of AMD & PCV

Dr.Muna Bhende

Atypical Presentation of CSCR & Exudative Maculopathies

Dr.Anand Rajendran

Atypical Presentations of Mactel & Macular Dystrophies

Dr. Vinod Aggarwal

Atypical Presentations of Uveitic Pathologies

Dr.Mudit Tyagi