Winner of June 2021

Winner of May 2021

Dr. Raj Shri Hirawat, Gomabai Netralaya, Neemach.


Fundus photo of a 30-year-old female who presented with PL vision showing advanced features of retinitis pigmentosa and full-thickness macular hole. OCT through macula revealed focal choroidal excavation of non-confronting type under the fovea. Retina appears bridging the excavation with a central full-thickness retinal hole.



TITLE: THE LEOPARD EYE – Benign Flecked Retina



Description: Unique Pictures showing Auto florescence in classical benign Flecked Retina



Image description-  Post operative OCT of a 63 year old female who underwent an uneventful Phacoemulsification with intraocular Lens implantation, Vitrectomy with ILM temporal flap followed by Fluid Air exchange and SF6 gas injection for a full thickness macular hole. Post surgery on day 20 when this OCT was performed  the Macular hole was Open and the ILM was seen to be rolled over like a Cinnamon Roll and still attached to the Macular Hole lip. When the patient  was taken up for re surgery the ILM flap very easily rolled out and could be placed across the Macular hole.